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Hemp protein - the power protein for a healthy body – Laia's Organic

Hemp protein - the power protein for a healthy body

Have you ever heard of hemp protein powder? No? Well then now is the time! Because this green powder is full of surprises!

But what is actually in this hemp protein powder?

First of all proteins, many, many proteins ... As you probably know, proteins are a basic building block of our body, they are in every single cell and therefore necessary for many important functions. A single protein consists of a chain of amino acids. These amino acids are the smallest unit of proteins and responsible for many processes in our body. The more similar the composition of these amino acid chains are to the human protein, the better your body can absorb the protein. This is also called the biological value of a food. It shows how effectively your body can absorb the protein contained in your food and convert it into the body's own protein. Hemp protein has a very high biological value. For example, LAIA'S organic hemp protein powder has a biological value of 86, compared to soy with 84, rice with 81, beans with 72 and peas with a value of only 43.

But that's not all. Our power protein can do much more! There are around 20 known amino acids overall - eight of them are essential for our body. That means they can’t be made from our body itself, instead we have to ingest them through our food. Hemp protein contains all of these eight essential amino acids, both in sufficient quantity and in perfect proportion to each other. From these amino acids, our body can produce all necessary protein we need.

Hemp protein powder for healthy muscles

Hemp protein powder is not only important for athletes or bodybuilders, but also, for example, an optimal alternative to animal protein, and thus ideal for vegans and vegetarians. But generally, anyone can supplement their diet with hemp protein powder, because when doing sports or being active, microscopically small cracks occur in our muscles. Therefor our body needs protein, because with the help of protein, these mini-cracks can be repaired immediately. For this, hemp protein with its high bioavailability is quite suitable. Because it's so well and quickly processed by our body, it's great for building, repairing and protecting our muscles. Perfect before your training or for regeneration afterwards. In comparison to whey protein, hemp protein does not accumulate in the organs, is well utilized and is very easy to digest. Since hemp protein can be so easily absorbed by our body, hardly any acidic waste products occur, instead, it is metabolized alkaline and it supports a healthy acid-base balance of our body.

Protein keeps us slim and slender

A sufficient intake of all essential amino acids can thus help to regenerate the body and maintain body weight. Hemp protein satiates and additionally stimulates the metabolism. This happens because one-third of the calories ingested are directly processed and burned. So if you want to lose a few kilos, you should try to increase your protein intake. Another plus is that hemp protein causes no intolerance, because it is free of gluten, lactose and nuts. Already two spoons (30g) of hemp protein powder provide your body with 1/3 of the daily required proteins, as well as antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll.

Tips for use

And the best? You can use LAIA'S hemp protein powder in a variety of ways, whether in a smoothie, in a freshly squeezed juice, as a Hempuccino, in a fruit salad, as a shake, or to bake a delicious cake, bar or wholesome bread.

If you have tried LAIA'S hemp protein powder, then please tell us about your experiences! Can you tell a difference? Do you love it as much as we do? What do you use it for? Leave us a comment, or link us in a photo of your delicious feast on Instagram with the hashtag #laiasorganic. We always look forward to new inspirations!

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