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LAIA'S is a B CORPORATION – Laia's Organic


What being a B Corp stands for can be found on the official website of B Corporation and in the video below.

Having a positive impact with our work is a strong motivation. That means not only offering products that have a postive effect on your body and health, but also the postive effect that our work has on our environment and society. We aim at working and producing in a responsible and sustainable way. This is why we want to live up the standards of the B Corp movement, guarantee transparency and continuously search for ways to do better.

„B Corp is a world wide network of companies, that defined economic success in a new way: It is not – or not only – about being the best company of the world, but rather about being the best company for the world. „B“ is for „benefit“, for a positive impact.“

With our hemp products we want to offer a sustainable eco-friendly source of protein. By cultivating and producing in Europe and by continuously improving our logistics, we want to minimize our CO2 foot print. Also when it comes to packaging we are looking for the best ways of securing high product quality and at the same time using eco-friendly packaging. For our Berlin clients we offer the possibilty to come to our store and fill our products in their own containers.

If you want to know more about the B Corp certification, check out for further information. The following video presents the most important points about the B Corp movement: