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Hemp aroma extract with CBD – Laia's Organic

Premium hemp flavor extract 

We strive to produce top quality hemp flavor extracts in our Berlin-Adlershof facility. After five years of research, our team has developed a new, innovative extraction process that produces hemp flavor extracts in just one production step and does without the product-changing steps of winterization, fractioning and distillation. This makes our product as close to the molecular structure of the plant as possible

CBD% CBD MG price
10 ml 2% 200 € 16.95
30 ml 2% 600 € 34.95
10 ml 5% 500 € 26.95
30 ml 5% 1500 € 44.95
100ml 5% 5000 € 119.00


✔ Real full spectrum hemp flavor extract - contains only plant-based cannabinoids and terpenes. The extract is mixed with a carrier oil (hemp oil or MCT oil).

✔ extracted and manufactured in Berlin by extraction using a particularly gentle low-pressure process

✔ mild taste, golden color, no plant residues 

✔ 100% made from hemp biomass grown by our hemp farmers in the EU. 

Use: For flavoring your food and drinks.

Laia's CBD

Please choose between 10ml, 30ml and 100 ml pipette bottles (each with a measuring scale for precise dosing and childproof lock) and the strengths 2% or 5%.

Safety instructions: 

- Store in a cool and dark area.

- Keep out of the reach of children and adolescents.

- Not suitable for pregnancy, lactation and liver problems.

Premium CBD - hemp flavor extract extracted and made in Berlin. The CBD oil is full spectrum and contains herbal cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Made from 100% EU certified and controlled organic hemp. Now available! Also in our shop in Friedrichshain, Berlin.

Order LAIA's Premium CBD?

If you would like to order, please send us an email at, as we are currently unable to process online payments for CBD.

What happened? We were surprised in November by Paypal and Stripe's announcement that they do not offer their services to companies selling hemp products. Both companies operate in the United States, where hemp is - and we are talking about industrial hemp grown by farmers in open spaces - not nationwide, but only in (most) states legal. To avoid problems with the authorities, companies like us who sell hemp products as food or cosmetics must not use the services of the two companies. And so we were overnight and surprisingly without payment. Fortunately, we can now process payments for protein powder, oil and hearts again, but unfortunately not for our CBD oil.